Friday, October 31, 2008

Round Three *ding,ding!*

Janeis great at smiling at the camera...Carly was telling her about how you say "Trick or Treat please!"
Then the not-too-scary music came on under the table...this part was tribal drumbeats, okay and they were a little creepy!
Carly was really scared - look at that poor little face!
Poor baby! This little half-smile is cracking me up.
Can you see anything? Mr. Pat, Jane's dad, took the girls out in the neighborhood. When they came back to dump out their too-heavy pumpkins and I heard that Carly was acting like a pirate and taking double handfuls...she didn't know that there is plenty to go around....she'd say, "ARG! Happy Halloween to ya!" and then dig in. I told her to only take two from then on, and then someone tried to give her three and she gave it back and said no thank you, her mommy said only two. Let's all hope she always remembers so well!

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