Thursday, October 30, 2008

Teacher Conferences

This morning was our conference with Carly's wonderful teachers. We got to see her classroom all tricked out with the cool stuff she gets to explore every day, and they showed us some of her favorite 'work' which is mostly "Squeezing Work" where she transfers blue-tinted water from one bowl to another using a sea sponge or a baster. Apparently, it's very difficult, because she has to carry the tray with the two bowls - with water! - and according to her teachers, so will spend hours cleaning her tray and wiping up every dot of water.

We also learned some of the things they do that we've heard at home. For example, at school the kids are taught to say, "I didn't like it when you took my swing" and look the other person straight in the eye....this is where we're thinking she got the thing where she stands completely still and looks straight at us and says something like, "I didn't like it when you say me to go to bed."

They also said that Carly loves group lessons, and she's a social butterfly and all the kids love her because she is "a ray of sunshine."

Which of course we knew already, but that's enough bragging for today. =)


Erin said...

Parent-teacher conferences--how exciting!!!

I'm so proud of Carly!! What a smart, sweet, wonderful girl!

Maria said...

OMG The water tray work was Andy's fave for ages!!! And it resulted in going through his spare t-shirts daily!!! Luckily, he discovered the various building work and the arithmetic work and now we have a little less laundry.