Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Madness

No preamble. There are a million pictures for you to enjoy! 

December FLEW by. And I mean FLEW. We saw lights the second this show. So beautiful!


We cut down this gorgeous Spruce...I am allergic to firs, I guess! Last year I was so sick, all winter it seemed, and this year as soon as we stepped under the tent with all the pre-cut firs, my allergies kicked in and Bree started coughing. So spruce it is! Did I already tell you I love this tree? I get emotionally attached to our tree every year....but MAN this one is SO GORGEOUS, yes? The best. I love it.

SO fun, ice skating with Auntie K on the riverfront popup Winterfest. It's the coolest thing ever. You have to go if you're in the area. The lodge has couches and fireplaces, table top hockey guys, jenga...insanely cool decorations everywhere. It's like a rustic, rough-hewn, hipster paradise. My sister and I loved it.


Don't overthink the wool blankets on the rocking chairs on the lodge porch. =)

Bree's veggie cabin for her class party. Which no kids ate. =)

Way awesome adventure to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the drawing badge. We have a dozen kids in our troop, but we get such measly turnout for events! I'm hoping once the badges get awarded in January, that the girls will be more motivated to come to all our awesome stuff.

Christmas Eve with cousin JJ. Hands-down this little dude was the best thing to come out of 2014.

More ridiculous food art. Nobody ate the broccoli tree, but the kiwi tree was gone in five minutes!

Santa's gifts to the kids! That cardboard box is the home that Bree made for her UglyDoll keychain, Trey. She made a bed out of painter's tape and drew lots of art fo his walls. She even wrapped up a few lovely gifts in tinfoil for Trey to open Christmas morning, including my hedgehog-shaped vegetable scrubber and half a candy cane. It's basically everything. 

We had a lot of big gifts this year...the climbing thing for one, has already been such a lifesaver. The girls LOVE to jump around on it and it's saved me from having to pull them off climbing on the banister and jumping on the couches. Bree LOVED her panda and Katie about lost her little mind about the Fwozen scooter. =)

This was also the Year of Doctor Who. So many items.

Paul was easily as excited about the remote controlled vehicles as the girls were. So much so that his mom went out and bought him his own little remote control truck to play with the very next day. Adorable! =)

At Fwozen ON ICE! Katie was hilarious - she kept asking for Let it Go. She literally did not care about any other character or song, much less the rad skating tricks and funny dialogue. Just that one song. =)

Then we stopped at one of Paul's hospitals where he took WAY LONGER than the ten minutes he promised he'd take. Those are Bree's feet.

We had Aunt Diane and Uncle Mace visit on Saturday, and Aunt Anna and our cousin Catie on Sunday. It's been a busy, fun, love-filled house!

This is def the best week of the year, in my opinion. SO fun and relaxed.

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