Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Not a Long List...but It's Kind of a Long List

I just posted some pictures below! Like, in the next post.

I'm up cooking some Caribbean inspired meals for our lovely and amazing family members who are flying in next week to care for the chickens while we're off sitting on the beach making googly eyes at eachother. I also had coffee too late in the day, so...

But! This is a list format. So, I had a great day today, and I'm trying to narrow down what separates a good day from a bleh far, these things come to mind:

1) It was bright and sunshiny today. 73, not very humid...basically perfect.
2) Really hard workout class.
3) Starbucks meeting for a Girl Scout training (this is three in one!)
4) Ooooh my first Stitch Fix came in. I only kept one pair of jeans, but they are totally worth it.
5) 2nd Girl Scout training after school pick up!
6) Girls were great at dance
7) Carly had a playdate and I was able to put together meals for a week.
8) Paul's at school (no that's not it!!!), and has given me a couple of sweet phone calls and texts.
9) Hot date tomorrow at a fancy Rittenhouse Square restaurant in Philly!
10) Well, and Jamaica.

10 isn't SO much, is it? I think any combination of maybe three or so of those will be sufficient.

Also, I need to stop drinking coffee after 3pm, seriously. I need to sleep.

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