Friday, October 17, 2014

It's a Beautiful Life

I may have already posted this picture, but Katie's sweet little ponies are just so sad and cute, as she's sitting there in the allergist's office with Bree. As it turns out (sorry if this is a repeat), Bree is allergic to, ummmm NOTHING, and Katie is allergic to this one kind of mold, dogs, and soy. This picture makes me wish I could just freeze time right here. Thankfully, we have this blog! And I can visit this sweet picture and feel nostalgic for years to come. =)

The picture at the top, is my busy bee at the park, yelling "I GO DARE!" (aka "I go there!") at the park, the absolute second she got off the slide.

My crazies at yet another park. Poor Katie's legs are too short! But her accessories are super fab, yes?

Last weekend - wait, was that last weekend? Maybe the weekend before. Yes, the weekend before last. Paul's parents were so generous and amazing and offered to keep the girls for us for an entire day so Paul and I could travel to Maryland to attend the wedding of one of Paul's friends from his early USMC days. The girls had the most wonderful time exploring some of the places around MomMom and PopPop's house!

Meanwhile, Paul and I had such a wonderful time together. The wedding was beautiful, laid-back and so happy...

...but the very best sight was these two men, both on the healing side of the same kinds of things, connecting again after so many years. Ben lived with us for a while before Paul's first deployment, and the guys have kept touch ever since.

Beginning this weekend, we're going into a really great few weeks of celebrations. Sunday we're celebrating our nephew's baptism, Monday is our anniversary, and Thursday we're headed out to renew our vows. SO exciting!

It's so surreal standing here at ten years. It feels like we're just settling into what it really means to share your life with someone. It's a pretty beautiful thing.

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