Friday, July 25, 2014

Penn and Paddleboards!

Our library has THE coolest program - they buy a membership to local attractions and we can check it out for four days at a time....all for free. It's amazing! I know lots of people use these, just not anyone I know. Which is sad. But whatever.

We went to the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology....and it was WAY cooler than I expected! Not physically cool, the building is a couple hundred years old and hasn't been fitted with AC, but cool as in totally rad. There are artifacts from ancient civilizations, and a really cool display of skeletons from humanity's ancestors. We had a great time!

This mummy with the severe overbite makes me laugh. He reminds me of the Phteven meme =)
And this was our favorite Buddha! The Compassionate One.

If you go here - which I recommend if you are local or have a couple of weeks - make sure you walk all the way through past the Ancient Iraq exhibit to the conservation lab in the back. There, you can see scientists at work on lots of things, like this six thousand year old natural mummy. Natural, meaning, dude was buried in an animal skin bag in the desert and the heat and aridity preserved his body....for six THOUSAND years. Fully four thousand years older than the sarcophagus to the super cool.

And if you're really lucky, you'll get an attentive scientist like we did, who spent a half hour talking to my girls (not to me over their heads) about what she does all day. She told the girls what degree she got and Carly was ecstatic to hear that this woman has an art history bachelor's (then a couple of masters' degrees...) and is able to be a scientist AND an artist at the same time. Blogger has decided to put those pictures at the bottom of this post, so just be patient and you'll see her and the smart board.

We stopped for lunch and Katie continued charming all the old ladies with her Southern-style fashion. =)



Later that day, Paul came home at 6 and I was able to go learn how to paddle board with my silly friends. LL Bean offers all these adventure courses and there are naturey lakes twenty minutes away. Have I mentioned I LOVE it here??? Also summer. Here + Summer is my jam.

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