Friday, July 25, 2014

Last Week's Adventures - Concert and Lewes!

We dragged Sam with us to the first of the free concerts at the Mann Center. We were the only white people there, but that was because it was the "Afro Brazilian Experience." They had come to the kids' school and I had heard that it was a great thing and the kids loved didn't play quite as well to a huge audience and I was not super impressed, to be honest. Here I was expecting some rich educational programming and it was just four dudes freestyling on drums and some people freestyle dancing. The venue, though, is gorgeous. I love it so much! As you can kind of see in the photo, it's a roof and the stage like a normal auditorium and all the walls are open. Lovely!

After our concert experience, we had lunch at the crazy insanely packed Reading Terminal, and then went to the Insectarium. Here's where my snob is going to be on full display because this place is TWO ROOMS located adjacent to an EXTERMINATOR. Like, it's the same company. I can't.

That being said, the employees were really knowledgeable and kind to the kids and even let Bree help clean out the Madagascar hissing roaches cage. Apparently "bad roaches" get in there sometimes and eat all the "good roaches" food. She was all about it. Blech! We had half price Groupon tickets, but still. We got spoiled by the high end place in New Orleans and this was NOT what I was expecting. Kids had fun though, and Bree held every kind of bug they'd let her hold, so I'd say it was a win.

Instagram makes everything lovely!
So, sometimes I get to do test cooking for the lovely and wonderful Once a Month Meals website. This time around, we did Ethiopian food and it was a HUGE hit. I was shocked, but the spices are sooooo good. This is doro wat (chicken stew) and collard greens...which they ate. Carly deemed it "amazeballs." =) =)

Last Thursday we met the O'Days in Lewes beach where Brian's family gets a house each year. Paul wasn't able to come, which was a huuuuuge disappointment to all of us, but the girls and I really enjoyed our time swimming in the Bay. The kids got to get out on a sailboat, and kid-sized kayaks, and I had five straight hours of time with Kelli, one of my favorite people.

On the left, my extremely tired Katie who needed a snack after our 2.5 hour drive home from the beach. And Friday...oh my mercy. I took my poor little car in for an oil change and asked the guys to look into why the car was running after I took the keys out....turns out I needed a new radiator. Also struts and rotors and an alignment, but the guys said those aren't safety issues and we can do them another time.

Just as a side note, these guys told Paul the exact same thing they told me, and spoke to him in the same way. They didn't pressure me to do all $1500 of work at once, or give me a stack of estimates or try to schedule the work...I'm amazed. Finding respectful, professional car people is like finding Big Foot. 

Anyway, we had to wait outside the pool with Katie's carseat (Paul had dropped us off in the morning for swim practice) and naturally everyone I ever met in my entire life and possibly a past life or two decided that was the right time to show up or leave the pool. Lovely! 

Sweeties....and a little crazy =)


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