Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Second Week of June

One of my greatest joys as a parent is seeing the girls do what they LOVE love love to do. For Bree, that thing is dance. She hasn't had the best luck with recitals up to this point in her dance class career, but this year we were able to walk through it, and talk through it, and she's another year older, so she was able to conquer her nerves and perform beautifully. She was so proud of herself and we were so proud of her!

It was particularly exciting because Grammy was able to see her! My mom drove from her home to visit my brother in Chicago and then over to us! She spent a few nights with each of us and then got back home within a week and a half! She's a machine! The day after Bree's recital, we went out to the nature trail park that Katie and I had found and explored it some more. Carly learned to identify sassafras and Bree got to lead on some trails...Katie was in a grumpy mood, but she pulled it together to enjoy the woods.

The park borders our local creek and wetlands and there were some cool bird sighting binoculars out there, too!

Later that afternoon, my mom stayed home with tired Bree and napping Katie and I had the luxury of watching an ENTIRE softball game. I sat in a chair and drank my own water and did zero child chasing. It was fabulous! Carly's team was in the playoffs and they won a nail-biter. It was SO GREAT.

Rainy morning playtime on the porch for my little thumpers. Our rental townhouse was unfortunately not very well constructed, so the floors are like really loud trampolines. My sister sleeps in the basement playroom when she visits, and since she works at night, we (I) like to keep the floor thumping from running feet to a minimum in the morning. This is basically impossible unless we vacate the premises. =)

Woga (Katiespeak for yoga!). Her child's pose about KILLS ME. OMG so adorable.

I was so sad when my mom had to leave. It's hard living so far from family - and it's strangely harder when we are so close to Paul's family, and there are almost not people around here who are not living within an easy drive of their own families. My mom had suggested we soak our fruits in vinegar water to keep them fresher longer...and it totally worked! This is almost all the fruit I bought and it lasted nearly a week. =)

And finally! Carly's hilarious artwork. The expressions on the girls' faces are so priceless.

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