Friday, May 30, 2014

The Past 10 Days!

I feel like this may already be up here, but this is Katie, enjoying her red bell pepper the other day after her nap. She's a bit of a cranky monster when she wakes up in the afternoon, so it's my habit to just give her whatever she wants to eat. Lucky for me, we usually don't have anything I need to limit very much (this is not so much because I'm super-healthy-mother, but more because I'm low-willpower-Liz-who-needs-to-fit-into-her-jeans), and this particular day my girl saw a giant bell pepper...she lost her mind when I tried to cut it, so I just handed the whole thing to her while she was flailing around on the floor screaming her head off, and she stopped, took the pepper, thanked me, and sat down to eat it. Crazy kid.

My pretty silly Carly, enjoying her breakfast smoothie. Isn't the view from our sliding door just so lovely now that there are leaves and life out there? 
And here she is later in the day distracting Bree from her upcoming strep test.
Ooh hey! This was a week ago - I did a big cooking day and made a ton of bean chili, pork tacos, brisket marinade, jalepeno raspberry chicken marinade, stir fry, pesto roll ups, turkey roll ups, granola, muffins, etc etc. Yum.

Memorial Day weekend was so relaxing and lovely! The weather was warm a couple of days, and we got to spend some time in my in-law's backyard which is one of my favorite places in the whole world to be in the summertime.

Katie and Carly got to go to the park, Katie hung out with Thomas, we all five went to the pool for the first time this season...such a great weekend.

Yesterday we had Carly's first music concert and I was SO impressed! There were so many kids! The school has 400 kids total, but only third and fourth graders are eligible for instrumental or vocal music. They had an orchestra and a band, a recorder chorus (they were GOOD) and then Carly's choir. Two full-time music teachers - it was so wonderful. I love this school! Afterward, we carried on a tradition from my childhood of getting ice cream after sweet and fun. =)

This school year is nearly over. Next year, I will have this little girl all to myself ALL day long!

And I'm going to miss SO much my afternoons with this little mad scientist. I've had Bree afternoons since she was a year old and I'm not ready to give up those moments I have now, when Katie is in for her nap and it's just me and Bree hanging out. 

SPEAKING of Bree - she had her last track meet this evening! She got 3rd in her 100m heat, 4th in the 4x100 relay and 6th in the 400m. She got Twizzlers after the 400m because her friend Claire was getting Twizzlers after the 400m...and it was fine. She has LOVED track this year! So much! What a joy!

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