Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sports Saturdays are the Best Saturdays

We had such a wonderful day yesterday! The weather was GREAT and we had Bree's track meet and Carly's softball game, one after another. Katie loves "I fing it!" (I swing it!) on the little bleachers at softball. Then she fell, and her sweet, sweet, sweet sister helped her feel better.


Our original plan for the afternoon was to go over to our friends' house for a derby party, but one of their children was up all night with a high fever and a sore throat, so we had to cancel. We did have Bree's friend Claire over for the afternoon and all the kids (we gathered a couple of neighborhood friends, too) spent hours playing outside while I organized the winter to spring flip in our wardrobes.

Winter was SO hard and I cannot overstate how nice it is to GET OUTSIDE and spend the entire day in the sunshine and fresh air.

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