Wednesday, May 14, 2014

First Week of May!

May opened sunny and warm and gorgeous. We have so much enjoyed every warm lovely moment!

The Daisies surprised us on Sunday (May the 4th!) by doing their own closing ceremony, just like they've been taught all year. It was so sweet and adorable. These sweet little leaders - we love them!

Ahhh! The Best Thing In The World!!!! The park before school!
I know that is a lot of exclamations points, but oh. my. gosh. It is both light enough and warm enough at 7:30 for us to go to a playground and let the girls blow off steam before school. I'm in heaven!
Later that day, more outdoor shenanigans at Bree's track practice immediately following Carly's last church choir practice of the year. (Have I mentioned how the times when activities begin to end is almost as exciting as at the beginning of the year when they start up!). Bree is actually standing at the bottom on a hill - but the effect is pretty funny!

Ice cream truck guy shows up right as a soccer game ends - genius! This happened to take place on my birthday, and shortly after this picture was taken, Paul came to practice and I was able to go HOME, ALONE, for about 90 straight minutes. All by myself. It was amazing, and definitely the highlight of my day.

This is the next day. Bree gets off the bus at noon. Paul came home and passed out immediately, but Bree loved her Daddysnuggles. =)
Thursday! Bree practiced her new ponytail making skills on Carly. So very sweet!
Little sugar on her last day of being one year old. =)
Wait, no, =(
Let's just stick with xoxoxoxo

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