Sunday, March 16, 2014

Still Alive, Promise

Oh hiiiii

Yes! I have a million and a half adorable pictures of my kids doing all sorts of cool stuff during the last three months and NO! I cannot figure out how to load them onto my newish computer in any reasonable way. Windows 8's spaghetti bowl configuration ("oh but it's soooo intuitive!) (no, no it is not) is not cooperating with my need to show you said pictures.

Hopefully you followed me on Instagram like I told you to (no one did, btw) or are checking Facebook or something. It's all there.

In other news?

1) We're getting a nephew! I'm so super excited and the sweetest thing of ALL time was seeing my brother in law's face when those blue balloons came out of the box. =)

2) I need to go downstairs and rescue Paul from our grouchy baby. She hasn't been sleeping well so she's mad all the time. =(

3) It is almost spring and that is wonderful. Winter is not fun.

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