Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day #1! Woohooooo!

We put our day to EXCELLENT use, y'all. Not a moment was wasted.

We kicked off our day with a little craft time. This table...wow. I made the enormous mistake of going up to take a shower and in the seven minutes (It was literally seven minutes. I timed myself.) that I was gone, the state of the table had spread to the entire room. The mess was...wow...epic proportions. But the kids were happy and it all got cleaned up while Katie napped. =)

This also happened while Katie napped! The big girls got all bundled up in layers and layers of warmth and went out to play in the snow globe that was our backyard. Snow angels are funny in two inches of snow, but they had to be made! All the kids in the neighborhood were out playing and the girls stayed out for three hours! That hasn't happened since we lived in North Carolina! They loved it.

Carly finished up her science project that is due a week from now. She's going to bring it in tomorrow because she wants "to check that it is neat enough before I turn it in, because I have plenty of time to fix it if I need to." I am so proud of her!

We rounded out the afternoon by decorating a couple of gingerbread girls and cutting out roughly one million snowflakes. The girls decided they wanted to color them with markers, so instead of turning into a swag for the front window, they'll be festive playroom decorations until February. I could get up and take a picture, but guys I'm being honest, it's 11pm and this is the first time I have been sitting in one place for longer than five minutes for lunch so I'm really not getting up. Imagine...paper snowflakes...covered in marker. Lovely!

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