Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Moderation is for Wussies

Hello all! It is Wednesday and 25 degrees here in lovely Mount Laurel, NJ.

1) Bree played WAY too hard yesterday and had restless legs so she couldn't sleep until 11pm! She was also so so thirsty - do you ever get that way? Where you're so thirsty you don't even feel thirsty? Just feel kind of yuck and blah? That was my girl last night. Naturally I panicked and had her on the couch with about sixteen blankets and towels and a trash can when all she needed was a bottle of water and a peppermint.

2) I have possibly the worst sinus pressure headache of my life right now. You know the ones where your molars feel loose and your eyes hurt? That's me. I tried Web MD but it was either recommending a humidifier and tea (gee, thanks), or telling my I was probably dying of Dengue Fever. =)

3) I found a drive-through Starbucks exactly 4.2 miles from my house. I can't decide if it's sad or great that there are seven Starbucks locations within as many miles of my home and I know where all of them are. And which ones make the best Gingerbread Lattes...and which one will give you an extra shot of espresso gratis if there are kids singing Jingle Bells REALLY LOUD in the back seat of the car.

4) Whenever I can drag myself out of the house and get to Target, I need to buy an ice scraper. This morning I was out there with our outside broom and dustpan cleaning snow and ice off my car windows like the rookie I am.

5) I have to go now. Bree has asked about four thousand times for me to read her Bob Books with her. And it's not like she's asked and I've said no 3,999's we have read her Bob Books about four thousand times. If you have any questions about the mouse and his house, or Thumper, Skipper, or Sunny and how they skipped, jumped and bumped, just direct those questions to me. I'm all over it.

Have a nice day and stay safe on the roads.

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KKGhoffman said...

Oh my molars have been killing me too, I have been having sinus problems but did think they were related till i read this. I am glad to hear it is not something wrong with my teeth. I hope you are feeling better.