Sunday, November 03, 2013

Fright Night!

A quick picture of our pumpkin prep! And then we went over to my friend Kristin's house to trick or treat with her family (Bree and Claire are inseparable!). Katie looooooooves Miss Kristin so so much.

My crazies. You'll notice Carly got a costume change, too, because she lost the head to her pink leopard. Lucky for her, I had twenty minutes between the sitter arriving and when I needed to leave for Bree's party at school and JoAnn had all their costumes 70% off. Those big gorgeous wings were only $8! Nice! Bree is wearing her birthday present - the dress from Glenda the Good from the new Oz movie. She was telling everyone she was Princess Frostine from Candyland when people asked....but if someone assumed she was a bride, Bree would get VERY offended...she told one lady "I didn't go to college yet! I'm not getting MARRIED!" haha


The next morning. Katie loved her little witch from Uncle Pete and Aunt Amanda! She was pointing out all her facial features and singing songs. =)

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