Sunday, November 03, 2013

Bree's Halloween Party

Thursday, we had class parties at school! I signed up to be room parent for both Carly's and Bree's classes because of course I did, but I have co-room parents for each class, so it's not all on me. 

The lady I'm working with for Carly's class works full-time (AND she's a room parent and involved in their other stuff AND their house is always clean...I'm impressed!) and this was the only party she could attend, so I wasn't in the classroom for that one. I just sent in the stuff for making slime (which the third graders loved!) and decorating pumpkins...that party was in the afternoon.

 Bree's party was in the morning and I got to be there for it! It was soooo fun and adorable - the kids had a great time! After our classroom party, they got to do a mini parade around the courtyard....and then even though we'd planned all these fun crafts and games in the party, the kids had the most fun running around in the school yard after the parade.

Bree with two of her best friends! Claire from class (and Daisies) and Trisha from the bus.

Lunch with my little ice princess. She switched costumes from her monster because she gradually lost all the pieces to her monster costume. I'm thinking next year we're going to do homemade costumes instead of purchasing storebought costumes only to have the girls wear something completely different. =)

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