Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall Break!

Whatever the problem was, it has worked itself out - lucky you! =)

Okay, so last week, due to an election and a teacher convention occurring in the same week, the big girls only had school on Monday and Wednesday. We used the other days to get out and explore some new places and enjoy the last of the beautiful amazing fall colors.


We went to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden on Thursday and although it was really, like stupid crowded, the girls still had a nice time. All that water everywhere is soothing, even if you are looking over the heads of six school groups and the half of New Jersey school kids whose parents DIDN'T take them to Disney this week.

Katie was pretty content in her stroller for most of the time, and then we let her loose when we found the kid area on the top floor. I liked that it was relatively self-contained so she could just run around. She only stood still to look over the river at Philadelphia for about twenty seconds.


That afternoon, before and after Carly's choir rehearsal, the big girls put together the coolest sea life diorama ever and Katie destroyed explored the art supply bin. I never thought about how many rad textures are in there, but she totally enjoyed it. =)

The finished product!

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