Saturday, November 30, 2013

DAT 2013

Reason #463 we were so so so thankful to have a condo all to ourselves this weekend: people with small children wake up two full hours before people without small children. The girls and I went to breakfast (see Bree in the very bottom picture with her chocolate chip waffles) and did just a teensy bit of shopping (not very many crowds at 9am!) before coming back to the house for beeboos (coloring in Katiespeak) before MomMom and Great Grandpop headed back to Philadelphia.

At 4:30pm we went to the adorable downtown boardwalk area of Rehoboth Beach to see Santa (observe Carly's face when she determined this was the REAL Santa) and then had some yummy gluten free pizza and watched the tree lighting. Okay...the big girls stayed with Aunt Diane and Uncle Mace to sing upbeat Christmas songs for forty darn minutes in the breezy 30 degree freezingness while Katie and I went back to the condo because it was, you know, breezy and thirty degrees. But the big girls had a great time and we were all so happy to share such a special evening with Aunt Diane and Uncle Mace.



Oops - out of order cuteness. Two things to note. This is a 24 month sweat suit from Target which is clearly NOT long enough for my big girl. And also, she loved this wooden duck push toy with the flappy rubber feet on the wheels...tell me you know what I'm talking about...anyway, she was talking about it and she goes "I gawk da da kak kak." Which, I mean, obviously, means "I'm walking with the quack quack." Her speech has developed so much in the last few weeks - it's exciting and cute but also so, so, so sad for me. I have a feeling all my baby's major milestones will be this way, bittersweet and very thoroughly documented. =)

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