Friday, October 11, 2013

Our Week! (So Far!)

The Internet is full of inspiration today. I don't have deep thoughts regarding parenting, particularly the stay-at-home-kind, or about healing or even Joel Osteen. =) I do have pictures of my cute kids, though, and I know that's what the four of you who are here, are here to see.

We've had a great week. Busy busy, but great. It's been rainy and cool - the thoughtful kind of weather that gives us what we want (cozy feeling) without making us pay for it (by freezing us out). Our house enjoyed homemade chicken and dumpling soup - which, by the way, I made with Immaculate Bakery canned biscuits which have too much sugar in them to be the best for soup - and pumpkin pie we made from real, actual pumpkins. Didn't make the crust, though! We have to keep it balanced.

Okay! On to the pictures!
Saturday afternoon - we had a couple of errands to run and Daddy met us. They all got sidetracked by a park bench.
 Sunday, after church and swim team, Paul went to watch the game with his friends, so I had our sitter come and hang out with Carly and Katie so we could do our Daisy meeting.
 My sister came back to visit Sunday! This was Monday (Carly has RE) night after dinner...
 Bree's portrait of Pooter, my sister's gender-confused rat.
 Tuesday night on our way from dropping Carly off at Brownies after we visited the school book fair. We have piano Tuesday afternoons and our lovely wonderful sitter comes to hang out with Katie then. Sometimes I volunteer Tuesday afternoons and we just have the sitter longer. Tuesday was also Hysterical Hair Day (see below)

No pics from Wednesday, but that day Bree has dance and Carly has a music after school club. So Katie and I drop off Bree and go get Carly and go BACK for Bree. =)

This is from yesterday. Luckily Paul was home so he could be with Katie and Bree while I took Carly to choir practice at the church. Those kids sounds like angels - especially when they moved up to practice in the choir loft.
 Art adventures from earlier this week...
 Oh wait! Maybe this is from Wednesday! So super fun....we're boo-ing our friends tonight!

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