Sunday, September 01, 2013

Trip To Auntie K's

My sister lives in a cute little town a few hours from here. We invaded her house and brought her Nutella and she brought us hiking and made us lots of smoothies. It rained on the day we had originally planned to go to Hersheypark, so we went hiking instead. It was a gentle, but pretty steady rain so we were all soaked when we got done, but it was fine. It was warm enough and the woods were so unbelievably beautiful. We all needed that!



Hey Bree-hey Bree-hey Bree! Gimme some of your food! Hey Bree!

So we went to Hersheypark the next day while the K's (the short and the tall) hung out around Chambersburg. This is Carly's face before and after the Comet, an old-school white wooden roller coaster with hills that were a little more 'exciting' than we had expected. Bree cried the whole time. =(

That scratch on Carly's face is from where she tried to put my sister's rat, Pooter, on her head. This is not an advisable thing.

They had the MOST fun at the Boardwalk part of the Hershey! At the time this picture was taken, it was overcast, breezy and 74 degrees outside. SEVENTY-FOUR. Yeah. They didn't care, but there was no way I was getting in there!

The amazing water castle from the top of "steering wheel" aka ferris wheel, also some of the big crazy roller coasters we will never ride.
After the big girls and I were done with approximately half of Hersheypark (it's a two day trip, y'all, if your kiddos are like mine and like to spend hours at a time in the water area), we met my sister in Harrisburg for a Senators baseball game. I chased Katie up and down just about every set of stairs in the entire park and we made lots of friends. We scored some free (yay!) box tickets while I was waiting in line and that was so much better with the chickens.

The girls had SO much fun in Katherine's closet! She has super cool shoes and WIGS. Lots of WIGS. These pictures are so funny - Bree is working that genie pony and Carly's back there just sweet and smiley. Also Katie randomly found a pop tart box and was trying to wear it as a hat. =)


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