Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Five Things

1) My sister gave me a shirt that does not stay buttoned. This fact she neglected to share with me before I wore said shirt, and I without knowledge of those treacherous gold buttons, I was unable to abide by the following directions while in the Container Store (my apologies to aisles 7-9):

2) Katie has had a fun food week. She's mastering the fork and finally tried Nutella, which she loves. She's also started saying: all done, oopsies, cheese and shewwwws (shoes). Adorable.

3) Carly has not had the funnest food week. Well, specifically yesterday was not a fun food day for her. We had crockpot apple oatmeal for breakfast which she didn't like, then super cheesy spinach lasagna for lunch which she didn't like, then hummus and cucumbers for snack which she ate some of but didn't really like, so she was STARVING by the time we had dinner. Lucky for her I was not in the mood for making "real" food so we had French toast with that bread....probably the best thing ever, you're welcome. =)

4) This is from our walk last night - the weather is LOVELY! We're going out this morning to somewhere outside but I haven't decided where's funny because when I look back on the summer all I think of is how amazing the weather has been! But people here complain about the rain. Partly that is because people in this region, I'm learning, will find a way to complain about anything, and another part is that I've never lived this far north ever so I'm used to broiling for half the year and living in the 80's on the days it's not raining has been so great!

5) I read these two books, each in one day, over the weekend. The first you really must read right-this-moment, especially if you are a mother, or a robot-designer. That book is built for book clubs, and really, drop everything and read it right now. I'll send you my copy if you want it. The second, is a book I've heard of for a while but never read - it's good, haunting, but good. Again, another ripe for book club. I've moved on to "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking...for a change in pace. =)


Hope you're enjoying what is, for us, the last week of summer! =)

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