Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unrelated (Sort Of) To The Next Post

We joined a swim club...I was going to say we joined a pool, but there are FIVE pools at this place, so we'll stick with its technical term. "Swim Club." Naturally, the week after we join there is lovely, windows-open springlike weather. =) Anyway, day 1, Carly lost a tooth at the swim club and Katie has absolutely forgotten any and everything she learned at her swim lessons. I really need homegirl to know how to float, but she has forgotten how to turn over. =( She is happy "jumping" off the sides to Daddy, though!

Playing in the "family pool" as differentiated from the "competition pool," the "diving board pool" the "baby pool" and the "zero entry fountain pool."

We went to New York (see post below). I am the meanest mother on the planet because 1) I did not let Bree swing around on the subway car poles and 2) I made them climb this ridiculous flight of neverending stairs instead of riding on the neverending escalator. We rode the escalator down though because I could just imagine Bree slipping and rolling ALL the way down...yikes. Also, the subway is filthy and disgusting, in case maybe you thought it wasn't.

Katie + morning light in my room

And this morning - painfully beautiful day. Morning at this crazy park that is half Native American stuff (Can you see the tipis and totem poles?) and half pirate stuff...and now everyone's napping in prep for piano lessons this afternoon. It is SO PRETTY outside! We're going hiking tonight. I'm excited but no one else is...yet! They'll come around.

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