Sunday, June 02, 2013

So Behind!

We've been a little busy.

Friday and Saturday was the Brownie sleepover at our house. It actually went REALLY well and the girls were so great. No grumpies or arguing which was such a relief! Paul didn't like having that many people in the house but it was fine. It was actually a ton easier having most of our stuff in boxes; really easy to clean up afterward.

Tonight was our Brownie final meeting. All the Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders I've spoken to are locked out so we did it at a little picnic shelter instead and just taped all the posters and stuff up around the storage shed. No candelabra for the investiture ceremony, no flag for the Pledge, but it was fine. The girls did a really sweet job and it was cool to see all the parents get to appreciate all those kiddos' hard work this year. I couldn't find a way to list out everything they did and learned without it seeming like I was bragging on myself, so we didn't. But y'all. They did two entire journeys (like a curriculum, with a service project at the end), the troop did something like eight badges and we took what, twelve field trips? Something like that. They've grown s-o-o-o-o much! And, if we're being honest, their vests look badass with all that embroidery.

Tomorrow the trucks come. I need to go clean and pack. Bleh.

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