Friday, June 07, 2013

Paul's New Ride

Paul sold his truck today! He has had this truck since the Christmas of his junior year in college...two years and some change before he met me. It has been with him, literally, his entire Marine Corps career from the time he decided to try and go Marines instead of Navy after college until now, a week before we leave his last duty station. Paul first asked for my phone number in this truck. He drove 12 hours in this truck to a family reunion in Louisiana to ask for my parents' blessing on our upcoming engagement. We drove in this truck to get married and to the hospital when I was in labor with Carly. I spent lots of deployment hours in this truck, just sitting  outside our house while the kids slept and hoping Paul was okay. This was our date night truck, our hard and happy conversation truck. This was where the kids got to ride for Daddy dates, where we stored Christmas presents, and up until the day we sold it, seeing this truck in my driveway would make me smile when I knew it meant Paul was home from work. We're going to miss it. 

Clearly. =)

Particularly since Paul's new Ford C-Max hybrid with its crazy high gas mileage and fancy gadgets looks (to me) like a low-riding roller skate. It has room for all our children, so that's cool, but maybe not super practical seeing as how Paul told me today that the only person he'd allow in the car right now would be MAYBE Jesus himself. =)

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