Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New (to) Jersey

Our new digs. We're the right-hand set of far, being thisclose to our neighbors hasn't been a problem, and we have a lot of space inside. I never really understand other people's house pictures, so I think I'll leave them out this time and just put up the front view, and the laundry room for my mom since I did a bad job of explaining it earlier. We'll do some fun afters since I'm actually decorating this house. It helps that the finishes inside are lovely and nothing is really falling apart all that badly. =)

The day the movers were in the house, I took the girls out so they would be out of the way. We discovered Laurel Acres Park which is super awesome fantastic! There is a huge pond with a pretty fountain, a giant sled hill that is also great for rolling and running down, flat and well-maintained nature trails in those woods, several play structures and picnic tables, clean (for a park) bathrooms, an open field and beyond that some sports fields. There is a short walking track, maybe half a mile (shown) and several picnic tables. It's clean, well off the road, and with so many different areas to explore, a great option for days when you have TONS of time to spend. 

After we played as much as we possibly could, the girls and I went to the Costco conveniently located near the Target and Wegman's a few miles from my house. We bought one of everything (shown). I was especially excited to find that they carry organic chicken which you can see in this picture resting on the bleach boxes (irony noted)'s a great spot and so close I can take advantage of it whenever we do actually run out of that ten pound block of cheddar.

Paul and I spent all of Thursday and Friday unpacking boxes and were all done by Saturday. The rest is just making it look nice. The girls and I took a break from all the work to go check out the farmer's market...halfway between us and Costco. Seriously, everything is SO close. It's a very fun thing, especially after living in the middle of nowhere, let me tell you. =) The market was great and the farmers we talked to told us that it will get much better as the season progresses. We're used to the South, where the growing season basically never ends, but here tomatoes are just now coming in and eggplants won't be ready for another two weeks.

This lunch made it onto Facebook but I don't remember which day...Katie was extremely happy about her grilled cheese sandwich.

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