Saturday, May 25, 2013

Recital Time

Carly didn't want pictures of her hanging out with her friends...weirdo. She did AWESOME in her hip-hop dance though! She was grinning, having such a great time, and she was on-time and confident with her moves on the parts she knew well, at least. =) 

This little missy did better than last year, meaning she did NOT burst into tears on stage. 
With her sweet teacher, after getting talked into at least looking at the camera. Geez, girl! I really wish there was a way to translate her love of dance into recital fun times...we'll figure it out.

The four bars during the dance during which ANYONE moved. Bree is actually having a discussion with her classmates about waving hands. I don't know how, after nine months of classes, these little girls were still so completely confused about what the heck they were supposed to do during that song! Crazy! At least we'll get some good dress-up wear out of that $50 costume. I mean, I hate to nitpick, but SERIOUSLY. =)

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