Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Weekend Edition

The weekend was beautiful. =)
We went to the snowcone place and the guy gave us free shirts....probably because we were their only customers last week. They'll be mobbed this summer, but it's hard to get excited about shaved ice when it's 40 and raining outside! Anyway...we scored free shirts and that was awesome. The girls took a little rest in our oasis in the front yard.
Katie really, really, really wanted Bree's sandwich.
Like, REALLY. =)

At Bree's Saturday afternoon teeball game. Carly had a minor tragedy when she slipped and fell between the top of the bleacher and the railing up there. All the other moms were all gasping and running for ice, probably because they are unfamiliar with the normal level of drama in our house. Carly was crying and holding her knee like it was broken (only bruised) and I'm sure the other parents think I'm horrible, because I just said she's FINE and made her walk it off. Personally, I think I should get bonus points for not saying "Welp, told ya so." She gets that need to learn things herself, usually the hard and painful way, from me, so...
Sunday! All better!
She does have a couple of really colorful, deep and painful-looking bruises on her leg from the fall, but she'll live! Hopefully they will serve as reminders to listen ONCE IN A WHILE. =)
Katie - and an unintentional selfie - in Bree's Phillies jersey. She looked so cute in it! Paul is headed up to Philadelphia tomorrow with orders for Phils gear for me, Carly and the Katester. We have cool hats, but we need more. Hopefully next year will find us within watching distance of the man-sized Phillies, so we can get more than one tee-ball season's worth of wear out of them!
Whoa! How'd this get here?
Okay, well, apparently all I do is feed Katie and all she eats are apples. =)
This is from the park yesterday! We walked down there and Katie had her first ride in the wagon - it was awesome!

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