Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daddy's Girl

Well, folks, my reign as Center of Katie Claire's Universe has officially come to an end.

I mean, she still likes to be held all the time, and she's definitely still a little chowhound when it comes to what I have to offer her, but as of last night, when it comes to playtime, she has indicated a preference for her daddy. Yesterday was the first time she reached for him while I was holding her. It was a really sweet moment for them, and it was clearly not a one-time thing because she did it again this morning. Paul may or may not have done a victory lap around the living room. =)

Today and for the rest of the week, Katie has swim lessons in the morning - they're infant swim rescue lessons, so they are NOT fun splashy lessons; they're about teaching her to flip on her back if she falls in the water. It's really hard on me because she doesn't like it, and also because it's not fun to sit there and see your baby floating in the pool, even if the teacher never takes her hands off of her. Tonight we have a teeball game for Bree, where we will all stand around and freeze and be thankful for silk long underwear for the kids. Tomorrow, Carly has softball practice where we will all stand around and freeze and be thankful for long underwear for the kids. Thursday is only dance because swim is taking a break and then Friday begins Easter. If the weather would be so kind as to pay attention to the calendar, that would be awesome. As it stands, my children will be wearing thick winter tights and coats with their sandals and cute matching ikat sundresses. ;)

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