Sunday, March 24, 2013

Adventures, Etc.

There have been a bunch of Facebook discussions lately about the price of groceries. This sparked a conversation in my own home during which there seemed to be a bit of confusion about what we used to pay for food in Baton Rouge vs what we pay now, and whether it is significantly higher (it is). Given that I'm the one who sets that food budget and actually does the shopping (and also the part about how I'm essentially always right except in navigational circumstances...) I'm not sure how the confusion arose, but there you have it. SO, for posterity's sake, this is our grocery bill last week. This is including a giant bottle of flax seed oil and kid vitamins and is not taking into account the midweek regular refill of fruit and eggs. I'm tagging this post "I told you so" so I can find it again when I need to. Not that I'm stubborn or anything.

Did we post this already? Big awesome playground in Morehead City last Monday when the weather was super beautiful!

Tuesday we took Bree in for a dermatology referral because of her super itchy dry skin. We got a prescription for a special cream that seems to be helping some, and she treated us to a really cute hula dance complete with Hawaiian song.
While Katie gummed this apple to its core.

And I posed for crazy pictures still in my workout clothes...

Then, yesterday, a Girl Scout big adventure!!! We drove up to Raleigh for the coolest museum exploration event. There's Carly right in the middle...she REALLY wanted to answer the question! Luckily the lady called on her! =)

Oops! Out of order! This is from last Monday's softball practice! Carly looked so teeny tiny out there on the field, but she does such a good job and works really hard! I love seeing her working with her team - it seems like a great group of girls and parents. I never really played sports, so it's really fun for me to watch the girls experience something like this. I hope they always love it.

Okay, now we're back to Saturday. When we got home, the weather had warmed up a little so we all went outside and let Paul get some rest. He'd been working so hard! Carly is such a sweet biggest sister...even though Katie Claire was having no part of that hug and just wanted the little bumblebee rattle.
Carly and Bree both wore this sweatshirt. LOVE it. =)
Senorita Sassypants. This girl is a MESS. =)
Definitely will miss having SO many things within walking distance! I'm clearing out the craft closet and we took a little walk to the Salvation Army to make a donation of some old scrapbook stuff that I couldn't sell. This is me she looks just like Bree from the back.
Back home again - Katie was stalking Bree's apple. Bree would hop up and move to another part of the yard and that baby would just sit up, turn around and come after her, going "nah nah nah nah" the whole time! It was SO funny! Eventually Bree just crawled up into her tree to eat the rest of her snack.

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