Friday, January 18, 2013

Our Week

Every morning we do carpool with the counselor at Carly's school. She drops off her daughter and picks up morning we had a different arrangement because of a doctor's appointment, so Carly helped me with Bree's reading lesson. The littles were so excited to have her helping!
Tuesday was kid's Zumba!!! OMG awesome! We will totally be back. The girls had a blast and I just loved watching them. My favorite was how no one was doing the same thing.
Katie and I hung out on the sidelines watching.
The kids had a day off school - so we went to the coolest park! Carly had on tights under her jeans and she went almost the whole way across the rings =)
Sweet sugar all mismatched and happy about swinging up so high!
Katie was happy about the swings, too! She is seriously THE sweetest baby.
Before you freak out about her carseat buckle (you know who you are), we just slung her in there to go to the grocery store. She was properly restrained before we started the car. Okay, so that being said - ooooh I love those cheeks! There are a couple of little teeth breaking through and when we can get a photo we will post it...even though this milestone is making me SUPER SAD we'll still get the pics up. =)

We are going on a Girl Scout adventure tomorrow then taking it easy the rest of the weekend! So looking forward to just hanging out. Hope y'all are well! =)

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