Monday, January 28, 2013

My Crazies

These are a little out of order...but...okay so not this past weekend, but the weekend before, I took Carly and a couple of her Brownie friends out to the Ft. Fisher state beach a couple of hours from our house for a Girl Scout event. It was cute and they learned a lot about sea turtle nesting habits, predation, park ranger jobs, etc. Fun. Also very cold. Not that the girls noticed at all.
And then, a valid reason for why I don't post nearly often's (#$*&%) cookie season. Only joking, I love cookies. The administration part is insane, though! And this year we're doing cookie booths...which, and I'll just say this here, I was right about my reasoning for not doing them last year. That reasoning being that the parents in our troop told me (often) that they really, really wanted to have booths but when it came down to it, I doubted they'd be able/willing to actually GO sling some cookies in front of the grocery store or pharmacy. Well...I'm not happy I was right, but I was right. Why did I ever doubt myself??? Haha the very least, Miss Carly F will have a TON of sales this year because we will be at cookie booths a LOT over the next couple of months.

Here are my little Brownie and my little pixie getting ready to brave the frigid evening and deliver some of our neighborhood pre-ordered cookies. Bree is too much!

Okay now these are out of order...we HAD a lovely couple of weeks. The poor grass got so confused and started coming out of dormancy only to be shut down with the past week of nights going well below freezing.
We took full advantage of the decent weather while it lasted, though!

Goofball making a mad monster face
And here she is, in her words, a "silly Chinese guy."
As the sun tipped over to the west, the temperature required this cute little coat. Yes her feet are bare - this is because she doesn't keep socks on. Also, yes our yard is FULL of weeks and no, we have no plans to do a thing about it. Weeds are the least of this house's problems, let me tell you. =)
Super, super sweet! She just crawled in our bed and fell asleep. The angle makes Paul's arm look a little freaky with that giant ham hand, but what can you do. It was such a super cozy night!
Carly has a pallet on the floor right next to us! You see her hair, right? That is what I mean by curly in the back. It's not a wave, it's serious business with the curls! Now if they would only move to the front, too! 

Aaaand, flash forward to this morning.
Along with socks, Katie will also tear off a bib within about 2.5 seconds if she realizes it's on. Coupled with the fact that I let her eat by herself anything that doesn't necessarily need a spoon, you end up with her wearing a good portion of her breakfast, which included an entire avocado, a full can of peaches (they're soft enough for her to chew), two pieces of toast and a bowl of oatmeal. =)
And just for comparison - this picture was taken about a month ago. Cute Bree is sneaking a tiara on her head. =) I think Katie has changed so much!

If you're on Facebook, you've already seen this, but for posterity, and for those of you who haven't seen it, Bree said the sweetest thing last week. We were doing some errands and from the backseat she told me that sometimes when she looks at Katie, "I get tears in my eyes because I love her so much." She's such a loving big sister - so fun to watch her grow in this relationship!

Okay, well, we're all home and it's freezing and the laundry monster must be we'll catch you again in what's the pattern now? 10 days? haha


KKGhoffman said...

I need some girl scout cookies, well I really dont need them bc then i will eat them all but I really want some :)

I love your super cute family!!

Euna Garrett said...

Love love love all those photos!

Euna Garrett said...

Love love love all these photos!