Monday, December 03, 2012

November at Home

Listen, life doesn't stop when Daddy goes to long work, and it doesn't stop when he comes back. The day after he got back, we had Bree's preschool Thanksgiving program and community dinner. We didn't stay for the meal, but we all enjoyed seeing Bree sing her sweet songs.
Cutie Katiebug! I bought that little outfit (that Katie is almost grown out of...) in New Orleans for Bree...before I knew she was a girl. =)

Sweet smile from the seester...we haven't seen a lot of this smile lately, so it's nice to have photographic evidence that it does, in fact, exist.

Marines tie their boots like this.
They also tie their young daughters' small glitter high-tops like this. xo
Both older girls started solids by 4months. Katie waited until Daddy got home, so I did tons of research about what was appropriate for a six month old. Overall the consensus was kid-led weaning worked well if you just handed the baby chunks of mashable fruits and veggies.
Even with an enthusiastic cheering section, Katie wasn't a fan. And it was so funny!

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