Monday, December 03, 2012

Homecoming 2 of 3

Hello again!
So it's been awesome having Paul - after this post I'm going to put up a few more catching us up. Hopefully you've made it this far down the page =) This is 2 of 3 because our fabulous photographer is still working on editing the last pics that weren't in the slideshow. I can't wait to see them!
This is the sign we made to go on the garage. We started painting outside and then it started raining so we moved the whole operation inside. This is not something I'd recommend. There was paint EVERYWHERE! Also, it was a huge pain in the rear to get all those little hands and feet on there - you will notice that Katie's little feet only made it on one line. She was more interested in trying to kick the red paint off her foot or trying to eat it. My word. BUT it turned out really super cute.
We left it up for a week because it made me so happy to see it when we were coming in. When Paul took it down, I asked him to hold it so I could see his face...this isn't quite what I meant but it's so funny. 
My little chickens so excited while we were waiting. If you recall, none of those people in background were in our reunion photos. This was because the guys marched in around the corner of the building so all of them were over there meeting them. Haha I think I'm going to have to frame this picture. It's so perfect.

Blurry but beautiful. Going to say hello to Paul's lieutenants (upper r-hand corner) before we left. One of Paul's friends had brought him a six pack of beer. His whole staff came in to welcome them. Everyone was happy. It was such a great day!

My awesome sister sent Paul a package of "Man Supplies" for his return! I posted this on Facebook but I love it so much! He had the pajama pants, liquor and cheezy poofs shown, plus 21 Jump Street (freaking HYSTERICAL), beef jerky and oatmeal pies. So funny and so thoughtful!

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