Friday, October 12, 2012

Okay, Let's See...Where Were We?

Isn't Katie's outfit adorable? MomMom and PopPop gave it to her and she's worn it three times this week because she's just about to outgrow it. My girl has some serious thighs, y'all.
A little snack before boot camp class on Tuesday. Her daddy makes me smile, too. =)

Fast forward to Friday - we had a friend over for a sleepover. The girls got Andy's cheeseburgers and we saw Hotel Transylvania which was hilarious. My favorite non-beach thing about where we live is the shopping center within walking distance of our nice to not have to pile in the car for a dinner-and-movie night out!

Saturday we did these things, starting at 8am and ending at 6pm: soccer game, shopping, shoe shopping (we did NOT buy those for Carly), pumpkin patch with Girl Scouts and (not shown) another soccer game.

Despite our marathon day of fun on Saturday, my room was invaded by adorable zombies at 6:30am. I then took them to the beach and out to eat where Katie had a great time entertaining the restaurant with her adorableness.

No school on Monday or Tuesday meant the girls got to sleep out on the fold out couch (SO uncomfortable!!!) which they love. Katie's expression here is awesome. 

So now we're off to the gym for a class for me and then to Friday Free Flicks!

Paul update! He's out of his patrol base and onto the much safer big base where his guys are hating life running boring patrols all the time. I have zero sympathy for their need for action. I love it when a deployed guy is bored!!! He has a no-later-than date for coming home which is still several weeks away but no less a relief. We are SO ready for him to come home!

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Expat Girl said...

I love that you have a no later than date :)