Saturday, October 13, 2012

Katie at 5 Months

Sleeps: not quite as fabulously as the last time I updated (which was at 3 and activities kicked my REAR and I have to go back and retro-update the 4 month post. My poor little third child already being neglected after 100 days). She prefers to nap while the car is moving, in the carrier, in the bed with me (twist my arm!), or in the swing at the gym, pretty much without exception and is having more disrupted sleep at night than before. I'm not really that worried about her erratic nighttime schedule, to be honest, so it will work itself out when it works itself out. I don't have to get up for work or anything so it's really not a big deal. <--You would NEVER have heard that from me when Carly or Bree were babies. They've worn me down. =)
Eats: At mom's! She takes a bottle at friend school but she's still exclusively a b-fed baby and there are no plans to change that status until Daddy is home. She is very ready for solids, though, and it will be AWESOME to see her get after some sweet potatoes and avocados in November. She had a growth spurt around 4.5 months when she picked up her 11:30 feeding again and hasn't dropped it. She also started waking up earlier for her first breakfast and has picked up a midafternoon snack. I'm sure there's a pattern throughout the day, but to be honest, I don't really pay that much attention. She eats when she's hungry, whenever and wherever that might be. I always feed her before I work out or we go anywhere, and she tends to eat once an hour for a few hours and then spread it out. Like the sleeping thing I have to laugh at how freaked out 2005 or 2008 Liz would be by that.
Clothes: some 6 month stuff...see picture above. But not much. She's really long so most of the things we have are too short. Mostly she's in 6-9 mo, 6-12 mo from Old Navy (which Bree wore the summer before she turned 1) and 9 mo. They all have a little room in them, but that's okay.

Stats: Just guessing I'm going to put her a little above 17 and 27 inches. She's pretty big! I love that!
Likes: being outside!!! It's that time of year when we're out in the yard during all the daylight hours. She just chills on a blanket underneath our rainbow beach umbrella, chomping her toys, watching the trees and listening ot the birds. She also loves her sisters SO much, loves classical music on the car radio, taking baths, the jumpy toy at the gym and watching big kids play on a playground.
Dislikes: falling asleep!!!!, getting into her car seat when she's tired, being put down for too long, dropping a toy or loud noises.
New this Month: The "b" sound, in addition to her ahhhh cooing songs when she's tired or hungry, blowing raspberries, the "th" sound and one or to "bla" sounds. When the girls are talking which, honestly, is pretty much all the time, Katie will start talking too. She started rolling over and back last month, but isn't too impressed with that, so she doesn't do it too often. She sits up out of her bouncy chairs and chews on EVERYTHING. The lady at the gym swears she's teething but so far nothing has popped up, so we'll see. I really hope she holds off on that until her dad is home.
She's just overall a happy, sweet, chill little jellybean with two of the most loving, attentive and caring sisters a baby could ever want.

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