Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Well, y'all...this might be a new record. Normally it takes at least a solid good few tries before I totally drop the ball...but we do hav ea few photos from today and I'll fill in the blanks as well as I can! I just now put Katie into her bassinet - she's been snoozing out here with me while I caught up on Glee because she is just TOO snuggly right now. There are a million things I could have been doing but instead I just held her. It was perfect.
So anyway, our Wednesday! Unlike yesterday, which will stay unedited, claiming that Tuesday was already Wednesday, today was actually Wednesday and it went pretty much like any other...
First stop, coffee. No it's not 12:30 but like many things in this house, this outlet is not what you'd call reliable and it likes to click off at random intervels. It almost always happens on nights I set the timer. My trusty watermelon mug, however, has been with me for five straight years of morning coffee and just last week got her first chip courtesy of an airborne marble that luckily landed nowhere near my infant's respiratory tract.
Carly is working on homework she didn't have time to finish Tuesday while Bree has her daily breakfast meltdown over the day's clothing selection (seen in the background). Carly is mocking her with a big pouty lip. Pretty funny stuff.
All better! Poor Ariel, though, is not doing so great. She lost her flipper somewhere between home and friend school. I worked at Navy Relief (no pics!) and the girls did great.
An hour later, having rest time, which is shorthand for "Mommy's about to pass out so you come sit on my bed and play something mildly quiet while I keep one eye on you at a time while the other one rests." She has a frozen blueberry moustache and these are her "magnicks."
Carly came home from school and went straight to ballet. Lucky for us, ballet is literally two minutes away by car. We had a playdate after dance and THIS little girl is a freaking riot. At one point during our walk around the neighborhood she saw a squirrel and said, and I quote:
"Don't be scared little squirrel! You just keep on eating and storing those nuts away so you will survive through the winter!"   *Pause* Quietly to Carly, "I give excellent advice to squirrels."
At which point I nearly asphyxiated myself trying to laugh silently at her awesomeness.
And now we pause for the absolute SWEETEST little sleeping face...oh my word, little angel in blue jeans. I can't take it!
Mommy! Tie my ballet shoes and stop taking pictures!
PS: she was dressed as nighttime with no stars.
PPS: Yes, my car is chaotic.
While Bree was at dance, Carly and I did her history. We talked about the Assyrians and whether making human history's first library made up for being total jerks to the people they conquered (verdict: not really, but the library was still cool).
After dance, Carly did more homework that was actually from school while the girls ate a dinner that included a first taste of papaya (verdict: not fans of the taste, but the color is pretty) then read Harry Potter before sleep just attacked them both in ten minutes. Katie had the worst time falling asleep tonight - I hope it's not something I ate!
Tomorrow...well, stay tuned! Maybe I'll remember to actually photo all the stuff we do. We'll see! =)

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