Thursday, September 27, 2012

Slightly More Thorough Thursday

I only missed two pretty big parts of the day, but hey...
A much happier Bree with her breakfast, her packed snack and Mommy's breakfast.
She's happy if she can see me, so she chills in her dry tub while I do my hair.
Some days the baby just has to change out of her pajamas while we're waiting for preschool dropoff. Today was that kind of day, before she took a nap waiting for her slightly overdue well baby visit. =)
We drove to Morehead City hoping for an oil change...too bad about five other people had the same plan and we had no time before preschool pickup. BUT, lucky me, MHC has a Starbucks.
Johnny Appleseed Day = picking apples out of the grass for the 4 year old classes....Bree was so excited about her apple she didn't even notice me sitting RIGHT THERE taking pictures.
So okay, the part I missed? We drove to base, picked up some t-shirts (on table), bought our ball tickets and did a little more research for Paul's Christmas present and got so wrapped up smelling perfumes and trying on lipstick (Bree had a fantastic time!) that we ran out of time to wash my car. Oh well!
Carly came home to whole wheat pumpkin pancakes for her snack right before hip-hop class, since it's (Inter)National Pancake Day! Yummy yummy with maple syrup.
Forty-five minutes of homework and cleaning up later, Carly is safely deposited in the gym childcare room until her swim begins. She signs herself in and helps out with the younger kids. She looks so big and so little right here. =)
At soccer...getting eaten alive by freaking sand fleas. AWFUL!
Then, another skipped part? Back to the gym to get trained on TRX, then picking up Carly from swim (the pool is at the gym), then picking up the little girls from childcare, sandwiches for dinner, more cleaning up and....finally...THIS.
Then an hour with Paul on Skype...ahhhh...and all the permanent marker drawing, not listening, mess making, whining, drama, etc...all fades away. MAN I miss that guy.

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