Thursday, August 02, 2012

Swim and Sweat

Carly started her swim team yesterday. She worked really hard and had a great time. I personally think she's the cutest thing in flippers, but I'm a little biased...

Here's her just take the darn picture already face.

Today we had nothing on the calendar except errands. And when I saw that it was only 85, I got the brilliant idea that we would do our errands - because they could all be accomplished on our little island - without the car. It was 85 and there was a lovely little ocean breeze, but what I failed to take in account was the ridiculous freaking jungle humidity. I was a sweaty disgusting mess by the time we finally made it back home again! Of course that might have had something to do with the 120lb of rock salt for our water softener that were in the wagon at that point...

Bree was not excited about being kicked out of the wagon, at the hardware store. She was cozy in there! It made me even more glad we had brought it because this girl, for all her energy, has zero stamina when it comes to being personally responsible for moving her body to a given destination.

This was our first stop; I don't know what Carly's funny face is about. =)

This is her FRAZE BREEN (brain freeze) face.
Both girls got kid-sized double scoops...they were so happy! Bree chose watermelon sorbet and peanut butter cup fudge...and she loved it. Carly chose the cotton candy kind with rainbow sherbet. I wanted a coke float, but settled for a very large cup of iced tea. Katie just slept, swimming in the sweat of her carrier. Gross!

Back home again and all cooled off!

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