Monday, July 16, 2012

Mostly Katie...and some Cousins!

We've had a hard morning. Just in case I've ever given the impression that everything is perfect all the time and my children are loving, cheerful, compliant, thankful, helpful, and happy angels 100% of the time, this morning is a perfect example to the contrary.  You would think that instead of swimming and tennis lessons, I was taking them for unmedicated root canals, seriously. So I brought Katiebug up here for her third breakfast and am taking a break before I lose my own mind. Two and a half insane people is enough for one house! Thankfully my brother is here to distract the big girls from the abject misery that is their lives. Haha, okay, okay...since I've just now met my sarcasm quota for the day...

...moving on!
Katie Claire sporting her adorable romper from Aunt Diane and Uncle Mace for the last time! So hard to believe she's already outgrown it.

Playing board games with the big cousins when they arrived on Saturday evening. It goes, Carly, Emir, Uncle Dan-yo, Bree, Farhan and Ezzat.

Baby Cousins! Sarah (5mo) and Katie (2mo). I wish we lived closer so these little girls could grow up together! Cousins are the best!

A little cuteness at the pool yesterday - you can see her trying to pull her head forward and sit up! Such a curious girl - she like to be able to look all around and see what's going on.

And then this morning! Everyone needs a little Nay in their lives.
She's about half a millisecond from sticking that bottom lip out and crying, poor little thing.
It's been a hard morning.

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