Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just Another Manic Thursday

I'm feeding Katie while the big girls take care of their chores. I've become quite the taskmaster since Paul's been away, but it's necessary! The way I see it, whining, disobeying or acting ugly makes my day more difficult, so the obvious balance to that would be that the whiner, selective-listener or ugly-actor will then perform a task that makes my day less folding towels, cleaning those ubiquitous baseboards, sweeping the driveway...the list goes on.

 I'm sure there would be some who would argue against my personal definition of "natural consquences" but, as in most things, I'm going to just keep doing what I'm doing until it is no longer effective, then we'll adjust. =) For now, though, I usually end up with a much happier kid. It feels good to accomplish stuff!

Speeeeaaaking of accomplishing, this is our to-do list for this afternoon:

-Pick up battery t-shirts and the printer
-Enroll Katie in the childcare system on base for when I go back to volunteering
-Drop off health form for said enrollment
-Fax the final document for our house stuff
-Wash and vacuum the car at the cheap place on base
-Go to the *gulp* commissary for the first time in six months


I'm going to try the once a month cooking! We'll see how that goes! I chose the diet menu to start with just because the items on it looks really good but there is a LOT of meat involved. I'm talking 104 ounces of chicken, a couple of flank steaks, four entire pounds of get my point. I don't eat "factory" meat because that's just gross, so I'll probably have to leave one my children and possibly the deed to my house at Whole Foods tomorrow unless something radical shifted in the universe and the good old commissary decided to carry happy meat. This is doubtful; the commissary is more about quantity, but you never know! One can always hope.

Okay, so as cozy as I am sitting here on the couch nursing a sleeping baby, we have to go attack these errands! =)

Hope you're having an equally productive day!

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