Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Okay so last night I was up at 3:30 and Paul happened to sign onto Skype. Score! I got to see him in action in his tent for about 10 minutes. The connection wasn't good because it was noon (or so) and everyone was on the Wifi.

ANYWAY, if you're not familiar with the miracle that is Skype, when you video call, the other person's face shows up in your entire screen and your own face is a little square down in the corner. The only light in my room was coming from my computer screen which is, actually, quite a bit more flattering to my puffy face than daylight, come to find out. For that I was thankful.

Anyway, whenever someone would open the tent flap to come in to wherever it is they are, his tent would get really bright which made my screen really bright, which made HIS screen really bright. It was funny. I could see the tent flap behind him so I knew what was going on, but he was getting really annoyed about "all the flashing lights" and since our connection was so slow, I couldn't really explain it to him.


Oh man, Carly just came in the house in tears because someone made fun of her. Poor kiddo! She's okay right now, but it was super sad. =(

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