Thursday, May 31, 2012

Because of Course

Wouldn't ya know, the night after I posted about how easy it all is, Katie Claire is up seven times in the night and has a fussy (for her) morning.

And there is another accident to clean up in the girls' room.

And there is an entire tube of toothpaste squeezed out onto the floor of the bathroom.

And we can't figure out whose toothbrush is whose.

And I'm pretty sure no one in this house is telling me the truth about anything ever, which is disappointing and frustrating on so many levels, leading to my making the big kids stay in my sight at all times. This solved a couple of problems.

And we had a nail in a tire.

Um...what else? Oh right! Laughing at myself because due a large number of random happenings, it has taken me all day to get out of the house. Two hours would have been awesome. =)


I'm grateful for the dinners I have frozen so I don't have to think about that, at least.

I'm grateful the piano guy can come tune up our piano next week.

I'm grateful there is a lady in our neighborhood who teaches piano lessons; that makes my life easier.

I'm grateful for the Preschool Prep series of videos.

I'm grateful for this sunshiney day and the fact that we'll be at the pool until my big kids are too exhausted to destroy anything else in this house.

On a related note, I'm open to suggestions for how to get ball point pen off of painted walls. Magic Erasers don't work.

Um, and that is all. Mostly because the maintenance guy is here to do our inspection and I need to make sure there isn't a bunch of nursing paraphenilia lying around my room. =)

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DrNic said...

supposedly baby wipes do the trick on getting pen off the walls. so does painting over the (isolated) area.