Sunday, April 15, 2012


So, Paul had never been to Wilmington, about an hour and half from us. It's a port city AND a college town, so they have stuff. It's splendid. Carly saw the Serpentarium a few weeks ago when we were there for a Girl Scout thing and she's been begging to go ever, we went there and saw a bunch of really cool and scary-looking and GIGANTIC snakes, walked around the river walk area, had a great dinner after our brewery tour at Front Street Brewery and just enjoyed the weather and the fact that there were more than three businesses in the downtown, none of which were chains or big boxes. Woop!

This picture is blurry...but I think you can get the gist of this store. It was EXTREMELY pink and sparkly and fabulous. The back section was a "girlspa" where you could have birthday parties and all the girls could make their own glittery lotion or perfume. Poor Paul, this is his life. To give him all credit due, however, he was the one that suggested we go in there while we were walking around the downtown area.
My three at the river. LOVE them!!!
Okay, I know you can see the bizarro distortion in this photo. I swear to you it has nothing to do with the fact that it was taken from Carly's point of view - it is completely irrevocable and absolute proof that my butt does, in fact, have it's own graviational field. Light is subject to the forces of nature and is being bent around the largeness that is me, hence the funky photo.
So sleepy =(
Time to head home!
Right after dinner, we picked up these sparkly cupcakes at the cutest little bakery, called the Hot Pink Cake Shop or something like that. The girls had pink lemonade cupcakes when we got home - so cute!

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