Sunday, April 15, 2012

iPhone Dump

Listen, we're just going to dive right in, because these photos have nothing to do with one another.

First, this cool bear bench is in Chestnut Hill near Paul's parents' house. I looooove Chestnut Hill with all it's uppity hippies and hipsters and dogs and old houses and brick street. Love. It.
Hedgehog sheets from Ikea. How cute are they?!? They were too expensive in my opinion (which, being that I was at Ikea, means that they weren't just giving them away) and I'm working with periwinkle walls and have no plans to repaint, so it wasn't going to work. Still super cute.
When we were back in North Carolina, the girls were giving me a makeover. Carly was painting my toenails and Bree was busy putting every last one of their many, many of hair clips in my hair. THIS is my belly and (barf) my thighs. I try not to look at them too much because all I can see are the hundreds and hundres of squats I'm going to have to do to get those suckers back into normal proportions. Also pictured: the ubiquitous water and my fabulour perfect hair color.
The hair! Halfway there. =)
Blogger is being annoying so I'm going to do our Wilmington pictures in another post - maybe it will cooperate then? We'll see. =)

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