Monday, April 09, 2012

We had a great day yesterday! I took approximately five million pictures, but I only posted a few (you're welcome)....the kids and I were out in the yard from about 9:45 until we ate our big holiday dinner around 3. The weather was perfect and the girls were hilarious.
Karate-chopping some bushes? Sure! Then running toward Mommy, lots of funny falling down, a very sad deflated balloon....

We had a second egg hunt at Aunt Louise and Uncle Tony's house. The girls wanted to wear their new adorable nightgowns from Uncle Pete and Aunt Amanda. I posted THIS picture because Carly made this precise face during an Easter when she was 2. I love seeing pictures of her when she looks little again. =)

And in THIS one Bree looks exactly, and I mean EXACTLY like me when I was her age. It's freaky. Normally she looks a lot like Paul, but I guess she has to be completely exhausted, on a sugar high, with a cold, and slightly sunburned for the Mommy side to make its appearance.

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