Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little Rabbits

Let's take a break from deployment talk, ok?

So...we loooove plant food in our house. We got lucky with non-picky eaters, which helps a ton in that department. Here's Bree helping me make our salad the other day - and by helping I mean she would dump in an ingredient and then proceed to pick out of the bowl (her hands were clean!). She ate a bunch of edamame (she calls them yummy-yummies) and tomatoes, so by the time dinner was all ready she wasn't that hungry. But hi, she'd just eaten her body weight in fresh produce so it was really no problem. =)

(BTW - she has her dress on backward, which is why it's a little iffy in the modesty department.)
Silly face! Covered in mushroom pieces =)
We use Newman's Own dressing - the girls prefer any of the Italian ones, the light, Tuscan, family-style, etc. I love that they're all-natural and profits go to charity. Makes us all happy!
Okay, two things:
1) Carly loves that neon outfit and wears it as soon as it comes out of the dryer. Same thing with Bree and that dress. They know what they like, I guess!

2) THIS RECIPE for brussels sprouts is the very, very best. Just follow it to the letter and make sure you use enough sea salt. These girls sat right there and ate half of the sprouts in that bowl like popcorn. Brussels sprouts! The bane of every childhood dinnertime! And all this time we just had to stop steaming them into bitter farty-smelling mush and start roasting them - who knew?!


Emily said...

OK, so I have no idea what those green looking beans are on top of the salad. No, seriously.

Also, I have never in my life eaten a brussel sprout (my mom didn't cook them) so it is going to take a leap of faith for me to try this recipe. If I do I will certainly let you know!!!

I'm so impressed the girls eat like this!

Our Family of Four said...

For some reason I never thought of putting edamame in my salad... hmmm. And the brussel sprouts look SO yummy! Alas I have never seen 1 in this country so... in another 15 months or so maybe we'll trying roasting them. Yes, I'm whining again - sorry!