Monday, April 16, 2012

And Also A Series of Parentheses

We got the flight window today. Of course I'm not posting that here (suck it, terrorists) but you can call me and I'll tell you.

Deployment Liz also arrived today, which means other than a minor emotional moment when I saw how much I weigh (good LAWD) the crying part is more or less over and the matter-of-factness has arrived. If she sticks around this will be highly helpful for my husband - sending him off with a high-five is much easier for both of us than some tearful sobbing scene. Over it.

Carly spent most of the afternoon in varying degrees of trouble because of her (understandable) attitude.

I need to post more photos and less words! (sorry!)

Oh! And we also learned today that the Red Cross won't send a message until the baby is born, so I've conscripted my one friend's husband who will have a desk job at the 'big base' (not the biggest one, the other one...again, bad dudes, you're out of luck here) to just stay on Facebook until he gets word from her to send for Paul and fetch him. Because of course it is going to be that easy to find a humvee with nothing better to do than shuttle my husband back and forth. =)  If the logistic gods smile upon us, Paul won't even be to his other place by the time this little jellybean makes her shuttling neceesary = win.

But who knows? We'll just have to wait and see. =)


Poppy said...

I like your background. did you talk to Dan about the summer?

Poppy said...

I like your background. Have you talked to Dan?