Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ultimate Preschooler Sensory Experience

Lately, it's seemed as though Pinterest has been blowing UP with ideas for sensory tubs, sensory book experiences, sensory math lessons, sensory baths, sensory-practically-anything for kids. These lessons usually involve a big storage bin and cool household stuff put together in a really thoughtful, intensely organized way intended to get a young kiddo involved in learning about stuff, getting a more in-depth understanding of a book, or grasping a new math concept in the way little kids learn best - by DOING, touching, getting into stuff, making a's really inspiring. I have to be honest and say sometimes - only sometimes - the blog posts about these sensory tubs can come off just a tiny bit self-rightous and gloaty, so I'm going to try and avoid that (title notwithstanding).

Anyway, what I'm trying to say, is all those endless pins about sensory this-or-thats inspired me to write my own post about our latest sensory experience. You know I looooove a nice structured educational thing, so this is the perfect project for us! Directions are below and please, don't feel overwhelmed or that you can't do this project just because you don't live near a beach. You could accomplish this on a walking trail, in the woods, at your local playground, in your own backyard...the possibilities are really endless. It just takes, well, see the directions below.
1) Go to the beach.
2) Forget about literacy and future SAT scores for two hours and just be with your child(ren).

That is all. =)

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Sylvia - Mommy said...

LOVE!!! Amen sista! ;)