Monday, February 27, 2012

So Far =)

I did mention earlier that the girls weren't too sad at the airport. That part is true. They saved up all their drama for when we got's not my favorite, so we bounced. Literally, we were home ten minutes and had to spring right back out of the house because the noise level was killing me. We went down the road to this wildlife shelter and hung out with some ducks for a long time. The shelter itself is really a working hospital, so they are only open for guided tours during specific times of the day. The girls didn't mind just running around the little pond in the front, and we're going to come back with Girl Scouts later. It was nice to get OUT and do something else; a good break to the day.
Sunday we met up with some friends at a park after church and played for a couple of hours. That was awesome! Our kiddos and their kiddos play really well together, so it was good for everyone.
Then today! You will probably be seeing a lot of this dress. Out of her closet stuffed with adorable dresses from Carly's LaPrint days, Bree likes this little Old Navy number I picked up off the sale rack a couple of weeks ago. Today she paired it with black tights and brown boots - she's so stylish beyond her years. =)
And fearless. She doesn't mind dropping to the ground even when she lands on her bottom.
Then I blew two weeks of coffee shop money on lunch for us - it was absolutely worth it, too! These Italian subs are soooo yummy. Bree ate all of hers and half of mine.
If Carly's tennis lessons are outside today, I'll try to get some pictures of her so she doesn't feel totally neglected in the photo department!

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Our Family of Four said...

Ah but that sale dress is SO Bree with the bright colors, flowers and tiers!

And can I tell you how much I HATE the new double words that are next to impossible to read before I can submit a comment. Grrr! Can you ditch that?