Monday, February 27, 2012

iPhone Pics of Daddy's Break

Just got off the phone with Paul - he's one four hour flight, one ten hour flight and two nights in a hotel in, with back-to-back seven and eight hour flights, maybe another overnighter at an airport hotel, one helicopter ride and one humvee ride away from being there. It takes a really long time to go halfway around the world!
While he was here, we took a sort of overcast chilly morning and spent it at one of our favorite places! MacDaddy's! It's this game room and bowling alley place and they have mini golf, batting cages and go-carts outside. The girls were so excited - especially Carly who had the day off from school. THIS picture perfectly illustrates how giant Bree all of a sudden is. Carly is on a very slight decline...but my baby is catching up with her sister, and fast!
You can see it here, too, on the simulated roller coaster ride. They were watching the haunted railroad one and I love their faces. =)
While bowling - what does that even MEAN?!
Carly was feeling a little grumpy during bowling and sort of flat out refused to have her picture taken, so here is Bree flinging her bowling ball down the dinosaur's tail. You will notice how the ball doesn't actually make contact with the slide thing at all. =) Both kids beat me by twenty points, and Paul had um, twice as many points as I did. So maybe cookie sales aren't the ONLY thing in the world I'm not even a little good at. Ha!
The weather had cleared up so we played outside until dinner time. I already miss this view!!!
Oh, Bree. We didn't think we would be stopping anywhere on Saturday morning - just dropping Paul off at the airport, so when she came downstairs in this crazy outfit I didn't think anything of it. Well of course Paul's flight was delayed an hour and we stopped for donuts. Carly was in head to toe black, too. Lovely! This is another instance where 2008 Liz would be perfectly horrified by 2012 Liz. =)
Wrangling a monkey! You can see the huge mountain that completely distorts the entire side of his face - mercifully covered by a bandaid. We waited at the airport in what passes for their cell phone lot for a while because the Jacksonville airport is very small and there is no reason to check in more than half an hour in advance....but...all his buddies were already inside and thought it would be super funny to call him and say "DUDE we're boarding!!!" then watch as we sped up the road and Paul started yanking stuff out of the car and rushing around like a maniac before they told him it was a joke. Okay, it WAS pretty funny and it really helped break the tension of him having to leave so soon. It was easier for him to leave us, and because I was laughing and he was laughing the girls weren't too sad there at the airport.
Anyway, we don't have return dates yet (and I won't be posting them up on this blog! Hahah tough luck, terrorists) but we've got a few weeks and then he's home again. Until then, we've got lots of adventures planned here on the homefront. =)

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